About Us

Kitchen Verde is a whole-food, plant-based meal pickup and delivery service based in Rochester, NY, founded by nurse and healthy lifestyle expert Sarah Goodenough (read her inspiring story below!) on the research-backed belief that healthful, plant-based food is the most powerful form of medicine and disease prevention. Our menu, which changes weekly, is 100% plant-based (vegan) and free of added oils, and many of our items are also gluten-free, soy-free, and nut-free. 

How it Works

Place your order off of our weekly menu between 9 AM on Saturday and 11:59 PM on the following Friday (you can order your meals a la care, or create a recurring subscription (subscriptions starting soon - check out the details on our FAQ page!) Pick up your meals at 777 Culver Road the next day (Saturday) from 10 AM-3 PM, or have your food delivered from 10 AM-3 PM anywhere in Monroe County for $5! If you live closer to Canandaigua, type "Sands" in the promo code box at checkout and pick up your weekly order on the following Monday from 4:30-6 PM at the Sands Cancer Center in Canandaigua! We will also be delivering to Buffalo starting 4/20/19, so stay tuned for the details!

Sarah's Story

My name is Sarah Goodenough.

As a nurse working both in an intensive care unit and in community health, I dedicated my life to helping patients get healthy and stay healthy. However, 8 years ago, I myself was very sick. I was dangerously overweight, had high blood pressure, and I was in the beginning stages of fatty liver disease. I struggled for years trying to get healthy, exhausting every weight-loss option I could find. Even when I did manage to lose some weight, I still felt sick. Then, one day, I learned about the healing effects of a whole-food, plant-based lifestyle - a way of eating consisting of only of whole, plant foods and shunning added oils - and I was inspired. Within weeks of eating this way, I lost weight, my fatty liver disease disappeared, and I finally felt healthy - I had a new lease on life. Since then, I have lost 156 pounds and kept it off, enjoyed continued health I never thought possible, and have even become a marathon runner!

After sharing my journey to health with family, friends, and colleagues in the medical field, I discovered that many were interested in starting a whole-food, plant-based journey themselves, they just didn’t know where to start! When I cooked for them and they experienced the same health benefits that I did, I knew I had a huge opportunity to promote health and wellness on a wider scale. With that in mind, in 2016, I started Kitchen Verde with the mission of providing delicious, convenient, and cost-effective whole-food, plant-based meals to as many people as possible!