High Octane Fuel for the Body

Published April 25th, 2019 by Shofmann

Butyrate- The Most Important Source of Energy For Healthy Cells

Butyrate is a Short Chain Fatty Acid that your gut bacteria produces after fermenting whole food fiber.

Butyrate is necessary for your digestive system and immune system to function optimally. Think of it as high octane fuel for your car.

It regulates the production of T-cells, which are the cells that help your body distinguish between itself and harmful invaders, and also regulates the process of sweeping out dead cells, for an optimal environment for new, healthy cells. Without cell death regulation and T-cell regulation, the protective barrier lining your gut becomes patchy, causing inflammation that leads to disease over time.

Much like high octane fuel protects your car engine from abrasion, mechanical damage and overheating, Butyrate protects your body from diseases of inflammation, like cardiovascular disease and cancer, and autoimmune disease, by keeping your gut barrier healthy and strong and your bacteria in check.

Don't be fooled by fiber supplements either. the majority of your gut bacteria that produces butyrate, resides in your colon. The processed fiber in supplements don't stand a chance against the acidic environment of your gut. The only fiber that will make it to your colon, is from whole foods like beans, leeks, cabbage, onions, eggplant and other high fiber, plant-based foods.

Butyrate also helps prevent obesity, promotes optimal brain function by decreasing the inflammation in the blood vessels of your brain that leads to dementia and stroke.

Butyrate has powerful anti-inflammatory effects that protect you from autoimmune disease, cardiovascular disease, brain disease (dementia) and cancer. Whole food fiber from plants are the only food you can eat to produce it. So treat your body like you would treat your exotic sports car. Fiber and its fermented by product, butyrate, are high octane fuel for your body.

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Happy eating!

<3 Sarah

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