What Items do you Offer Each Week?

Each week, we offer 100% plant-based, oil-free "meat" replacements and sauces that complement each other and can be made into full meals using recipes we provide, or can be used individually to make your own whole-food, plant-based creations! Each item and each full meal kit has 4 servings, as each of our companion recipes serves 4. We change our offerings and recipes weekly! 

We have recently teamed up with Lorraines Food Factory to additionally offer fully prepared, individual and family style Plant-Based and Mediterranean Style meals. 

Tell Me About Your Recipes!

Each week, we offer recipes to accompany our plant-based "meat" replacements and sauces, so you can easily and cost-effectively use our products and just a few common grocery-store items to create delicious, plant-based and oil-free meals! Each recipe serves 4, but you can easily scale the recipes to serve more or fewer people! Our recipes for the weekly items can be found by clicking on the black-button tab on top of our order page.